Textile value chain: Need-oriented Support in Integrating Sustainable Cotton into the Textile Value Chain Worldwide

Cotton made in Africa is the first to offer a sustainable raw material for the mass market. The Supply Chain Management division supports Cotton made in Africa's corporate partners in integrating sustainable cotton into the downstream production units worldwide. The partners can thus achieve their business sustainability goals without compromising on a value chain that is both pragmatic and optimized for cost and time.

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To ensure the smooth use of sustainable raw materials on the mass market, Cotton made in Africa offers advice and support on implementing CmiA cotton into companies' existing sourcing structures:

1. Information on management and purchasing organization through workshops at the main offices of CmiA corporate partners

2. Qualification of company import organizations in sourcing markets to ensure cost neutral integration of CmiA cotton

3. Providing a selection of spinning companies and fabric manufacturers to ensure quick and smooth production in accordance with CmiA requirements.

Two Options for Traceability

In the Cotton made in Africa system, partners have a choice as to the level of transparency that should be established in the value chain. This involves the use of two different systems that offer different product statements and communication opportunities as well as product awards and presentations.

We make a distinction between the Hard Identity Preserved (HIP) and Mass Balance (Mass Balance MB) variants for further processing of cotton. Both systems guarantee full traceability from cultivation to the cotton gin right through to the spinning mill. After these phases, the difference in the two systems is noticeable, and the degree of transparency changes accordingly. The video explains how easy it is to integrate CmiA cotton into your supply chain ore read the text boxes down below: 


Cotton made in Africa InsideIdentity Preserved: Complete Transparency Across the Chain

The Hard Identity Preserved system (HIP) offers complete transparency throughout the entire textile value chain. Cotton can be completely tracked the entire way from the cotton field to the finished product. For this to occur, all those involved in the textile chain must input the relevant information in a database. Precise information about the origin of the raw material up to the growing area can be communicated.

Hangtag Mass Balanced

Mass Balance Check at the Spinning Mill

Normally the spinning mill serves as the link between the licensee's supply chain and that of the licensor for sourcing. Under the material balanced system, quantity control is undertaken at the spinning company level. An online tracking system developed for Cotton made in Africa monitors the amount of cotton bought and compares this with the amount of yarn sold with the Cotton made in Africa label. The spinning mill informs us about inflows and outflows of stock. The system works similar to the one used in green electricity.

The Chain of Custody (CoC) Guidelines tells you what requirements, depending on the model, must be met by the players in the textile chain including retailers and brands, traders and spinning mills. Please find here our current list of participating spinning mills.

Registration for Spinning Mills & Vertically Integrated Producers

To register, please contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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