Interview with Gracious Hamatala


Magazin: When looking back at the past stakeholder workshop of Cotton made in Africa and COMPACI in Berlin, which three words do you think of first?

Gracious Hamatala: Sustainability, Value Chain and Future.

  Magazin: The stakeholder workshop is an opportunity for exchange between the different stakeholders of Cotton made in Africa. From your point of view, which topics were the most important ones?

Gracious Hamatala: I think, the topics on “Pesticide utilization” and “Implementation of Cotton made in Africa”were the most important ones. Both presentations were really vivid and informative because they showed what has been achieved through the work of Cotton made in Africa so far and how efficiency can be increased further. The presentation “Fashion Futures 2025” which pointed out global future scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry was also very interesting.

  Magazin: Mr. Hamatala, you also participated in the stakeholder workshop in Ouagadougou last year. What was different this time? 

Gracious Hamatala: The composition of participants was better this year and the place was fantastic. The presentations have become better and more informative as well, I think. Magazin: What are the findings, that you think, you will benefit from in the future? Gracious Hamatala: The need to put more effort in producing cotton in an environmentally sustainable way was well articulated in both the forum for the future and the presentation of „Pestizid Aktions Netzwerks e.V.” (PAN)* . I think, this core message was very well communicated to all the stakeholders and it will spur on our everyday work in the year to come.

  Magazin: You have visited the German Reichstag, taken a boat trip on the Spree and went to a PUMA store. What impressions did you take back to Zambia?

Gracious Hamatala: It is hard to pick out single impressions here. Berlin is a fascinating city. It has a rich scenery and history. There is so much to see and learn.

  Magazin: The next stakeholder workshop takes place in Zambia in the summer 2011. To what aspects are you looking forward to the most?

Gracious Hamatala: I am especially looking forward to sharing our emerging experiences in Cotton made in Africa. Furthermore, we will present to the stakeholders how cotton is produced and ginned in Zambia, which is a great honor for us. Beside the workshop, we will be able to accord the stakeholders a glimpse of one of the seven world wonders of nature: the Victoria Falls, or what we call them in Zambia  “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” — “the smoke that thunders”.

  *PAN is a non-profit organisation, which is engaged in informing about the negative implications of the use of pesticides and supports environmentally friendly and socially fair alternatives. (editor’s note)

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