A Resounding Success

The bathrobe is a good example to illustrate how much cotton our clothes contain. It is also a metaphor: Other than in spas, bathrobes are not normally worn in public, and, in a similar way, the African smallholder farmers who grow the raw materials for millions of textile items are virtually never in the public eye. However, Cotton made in Africa’s initiative changed this with the support of celebrity ambassadors, influencers, textile companies, and non-governmental organisations. There was even a bathrobe walk through Hamburg’s city centre.

Thanks to its great success, the campaign was repeated in 2018, starting early in the year with a flash-mob in bathrobes during Berlin’s green week in January. On 30 August, companions and friends of Cotton made in Africa threw a bathrobe party in Hallesches Haus in Berlin to kick off Bathrobe Challenge 2018, the main event of the campaign, which extended into September. Besides celebrities, participants also included textile companies and non-governmental organisations such as the Otto Group, Hugo Boss, Rewe, WWF, Welthungerhilfe, Care, and NABU.

All in all, this “fluffy” movement reached around five million people in 2018 through social media—an impressive figure.



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