Cotton made in Africa

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) is an internationally recognised standard for sustainable cotton from Africa. Since 2005, CmiA has been committed to protecting the environment while improving working and living conditions for smallholder farmers and ginnery workers.

Aid by Trade

Aid by Trade Foundation

Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) is a Hamburg-based foundation established by Prof. Dr. Michael Otto. It administers the Cotton made in Africa standard with the goal of protecting valuable resources, improving living conditions, and ensuring the viability of future generations through sustainable action…

Sustainability Standards

The CmiA standards include sustainability criteria for cotton, with independent auditors regularly monitoring for compliance.


CmiA in figures for the year 2020

total CmiA cotton harvest (ginned, in t)
1,000,000 about
smallholder farmers
CmiA-labelled textiles on the market
total CmiA cotton harvest (ginned, in t)
smallholder farmers
CmiA-labelled textiles on the market

Motsi Mabuse
CmiA ambassador, dancer und TV jury member

“We live in an incredibly fast-moving consumer society. Only when we are aware of the consequences of our own actions, we can assume responsibility and look to the future in a relaxed way. This is what I would like to raise awareness for, and CmiA shows the right path to reaching this goal.”

CmiA Worldwide

Cotton made in Africa–certified cotton is grown and ginned in Africa before being processed into textiles worldwide.


Training for smallholders is at the heart of Cotton made in Africa’s work and includes both agricultural and business management training.

African Cotton

Cotton is one of the most important raw materials for textiles. The African continent is one of the world’s largest producers.

Project Regions

Africa is a huge continent – larger than the USA, China, India, Japan, and Europe put together. CmiA is active in many countries on the continent, from Benin to Tanzania.

Wear a smile with…Elikana Shilinde
Wear a smile with…Elikana Shilinde

Elikana Shilinde, from the village of Nyamisagusa in Tanzania, decided to grow CmiA Organic cotton four years ago and is convinced that he made the right call for himself and his family. In this interview, the 36-year-old father of three talks about the advantages he sees in working together with CmiA.

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