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Your Collaboration With Cotton made in Africa

With Cotton made in Africa, you can help to enshrine sustainability in the textile supply chain.

Step One: Signing the Contract

You sign a partnership agreement with ATAKORA Fördergesellschaft GmbH – the marketing company of the Aid by Trade Foundation – and pay an annual partnership fee. Then you gain the right to trade in the following qualities of cotton:

  • CmiA cotton (Cotton made in Africa)
  • SCS cotton (Sustainable Cotton Standard)
  • CmiA Organic cotton (Cotton made in Africa Organic)
  • CmiA/BCI cotton (any one of the three aforementioned types sold exclusively sold to he BCI supply chain)

You need a partnership with us even if the only kind of CmiA cotton you sell is CmiA/BCI cotton.

Step Two: Purchasing CmiA Cotton

You must purchase CmiA cotton exclusively from verified cotton companies. There are no minimum or maximum amounts. Please regularly verify that the cotton company holds a valid verification certificate for the relevant harvest period, e.g. by checking our website. We cannot guarantee CmiA verification beyond the current certificate’s expiration date, for example for the purpose of drawing up futures contracts.

Step Three: Reporting

You submit a quarterly report accounting for all your CmiA cotton purchases and sales to the CmiA and BCI supply chains—covering all four listed qualities—to ATAKORA Fördergesellschaft GmbH, the marketing association of the Aid by Trade Foundation.

Benefits of a Strategic Partnership

There are two different types of partnership with Cotton made in Africa:

  • Regular Partnership
  • Strategic Partnership

Feel free to contact us if you wish to become a strategic partner. As a strategic partner, you gain a special role in the initiative’s network and support us in the simultaneous development and expansion of sustainable cotton supply chains .

Downloads/Additional Information

More detailed data and materials are available for download here, including the current list of all CmiA-verified cotton company, the Chain of Custody Guideline, and links to the CmiA supply chain App for Android and iOS.

CmiA Chain of Custody Guidelines
Chain of Custody Guidelines
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
List of CmiA registered partners in the textile value chain
Cotton Companies CmiA-BCI
Cotton Trader
Producers (Yarns, Fabrics, Garments)
Claims Framework
Claims Framework

Download our Supply Chain App here:

“As a strategic partner of the Aid by Trade Foundation, we are convinced that agricultural training leads to a better income for smallholder farmers in Africa. In the end, everyone in the supply chain benefits.”
 title= Marco Bänninger Head Trader Hand Picked Cotton,
Paul Reinhart AG

You have Questions?

Cotton made in Africa smooths the way for using sustainable raw materials in the mass market by providing you with advice and support for integration into existing procurement structures. Feel free to contact us by email:

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