Let Nature Smile


So how can Cotton made in Africa products help you return a smile to the environment? Those farmers whose cotton fields are located close to a national park in Africa often struggle with elephants that are attracted by the sweet scent of corn growing next to cotton. Through Cotton made in Africa, smallholder farmers learn to protect their yields with the natural help of bees, who are much feared by elephants. While bees do not actually harm the elephants, they keep them at a safe distance from the cotton fields, protecting them as well as the smallholders‘ yields. Cotton made in Africa partners therefore collaborate closely with national parks. Get involved and support both the elephants and the smallholder farmers – made easy with every Cotton made in Africa garment. By choosing Cotton made in Africa, you get to share a smile with nature  and the smallholder cotton farmers. Learn more about how you can participate and have a direct impact via www.wearasmile.org! #WearASmile with @CottonMadeInAfrica

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