Wear a Smile with… Jane Mbambu


Why can you give back a smile to nature – with Cotton made in Africa? Cotton made in Africa produces 40% less greenhouse gases per kilogram of CmiA in comparison to conventional cotton. In trainings, smallholder farmers learn how to cultivate cotton in harmony with nature, and the environment even helps them. Jane Mbambu from Uganda is one of the smallholder farmers who cultivate CmiA certified cotton: “In our training groups, we learn how we can distinguish insects that are useful for our cotton from pests that are harmful for our cotton. If you know how they look like, this is very easy and helps us a lot. In nature, there are insects that protect our crops from pests in a very natural way. In former times, we could not distinguish the beneficial insects from pests, and our only solution was to fight against everything.“ You want to support and create impact yourself, connect with us on www.wearasmile.org #WearaSmile with @CottonmadeinAfrica!

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