Wear A Smile With … Juliet Kabugho


To raise awareness for the world behind our textiles and share stories about the farmers that produce the raw material for our clothes with a wide audience of consumers, Cotton made in Africa has started the #BathrobeChallenge. It is a fun social media campaign built around the bathrobe as a strong symbol for farmers such as Juliet Kabugho.

Juliet and her husband are proud cotton farmers and parents to five children – two big tasks for both of them. Through agricultural, social and business trainings, she and her husband have learned more about sustainable and efficient cotton production. This puts them in the position to improve their working and living conditions themselves. Ever since they participated in farmer trainings, they have learnt to pull together. “When I joined the farmer training programme, my life changed”, says Juliet. She explains: “Through the gender training, my husband and I have learned about the importance of planning our farming activities together – one of the reasons our cotton yields and our income have improved. And my husband now helps me with household duties like fetching water and firewood.” Juliet has also learnt about sustainable agricultural and business methods, which have made it easier for her to efficiently cultivate her field, increase her yields, plan and budget accordingly. “We can now afford school fees, so my children are now all going to school”, she reports proudly. “And we have also learnt why Cotton made in Africa does not allow child labour and why it is so important to send our children to school.”

You want to support farmers such as Juliet? Wear your bathrobe to join the fun and raise awareness for the impact we all can have by choosing Cotton made in Africa labelled textiles! Discover more on www.bathrobechallenge.com

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