Cotton made in Africa – OTTO launches sustainability campaign


OTTO will be shining the spotlight on the subject of sustainability in its 360° campaign starting on July 19. The main scene will be an emotional TV commercial which will draw consumer attention to sustainable cotton from the Cotton made in Africa initiative.

OTTO will use the TV commercial to tell the moving story of the sustainably grown cotton, having had an advertisement produced on the issue of sustainability for the first time ever. The film footage conveys impressions of Africa and Germany and seeks to raise awareness of sustainable fashion among consumers.

“We want the campaign to call attention to the issue and engender a sense of responsibility,” explains Dr. Michael Heller, Member of the OTTO Management Board for Categories and Deputy Spokesperson. “OTTO has been backing Cotton made in Africa for over 10 years now and helps almost 700,000 African smallholders to grow cotton more efficiently and more sustainably. What is more, 75 per cent of our own-brand products will be made with Cotton made in Africa and by 2020 the figure will have risen to 100 per cent.” The relevant products advertised on carry the burgundy Cotton made in Africa label and the GOODproduct-Siegel label which verifies the credentials of all sustainable products at OTTO.

“In promoting fashion from the Cotton made in Africa initiative, we are not cutting back on quality or style,” said Anja Dillenburg, Head of Corporate Responsibility at OTTO, “but we are cutting greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. This is good both in terms of preserving the natural resources and protecting the health of the people who grow our cotton. It is therefore a positive way to make consumers a little more conscious of sustainability as they go through life,” added Dillenburg.  “It is a great result for us to see that our partner OTTO is consistently changing over to purchasing sustainable raw material,” said Tina Stridde, Managing Director of Cotton made in Africa. “In broadcasting this advertisement, OTTO is demonstrating how important the Cotton made in Africa initiative is for the company. It additionally shows that it offers the customer genuine value added. Shining the spotlight on the concerns of smallholders in a large-scale advertising campaign is a major step forwards for the future.”

The 30-second commercial will be seen on TV as from today (July 19, 2016). It will be accompanied by background information and videos on social media, YouTube and, including an interview with Dr. Michael Otto, founder of the Aid by Trade Foundation and supporter of the Cotton made in Africa initiative.

Get to know more about the campaign and watch the videos here:

To watch the TV spot directly, follow this link.

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