Dibella and Cotton made in Africa close a partnership agreement for the “Heimtextil Messe” (household textile exhibition) in Frankfurt


In time for the Heimtextil Messe (household textile exhibition) in Frankfurt, the Dibella company group and the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) Initiative are sealing their newly closed partnership. By using CmiA certified cotton, Dibella is putting the requirements of the industry for sustainable commercial textiles into practice. CmiA textiles are used in the hotel, restaurant and health industries via the textile service, whilst the Dibella companies group promotes sustainable cotton cultivation in Africa. 

“With Cotton made in Africa, we have found a partner who supports us in integrating sustainable cotton efficiently into our textile supply chain. The use of Cotton made in Africa cotton improves our water and CO2 footprint; so we gain sustainable quality. Moreover, we support the interests of more than 650,000 small-scale farmers and their families on behalf of 5.6 million people with the standard for sustainable cotton, which is considered the most renowned in Africa,” says a delighted Ralf Hellmann, Managing Director of the Dibella company group, founded in 1986. 

With more than 30 textile companies and brands – including OTTO, Bonprix, the Rewe Group, Tchibo, Engelbert Strauss and ASOS – Cotton made in Africa has established itself as a sustainable cotton standard for the textile industry. Tina Stridde, the initiative’s manager, is happy with this positive development: “Cotton made in Africa cotton is available in all the important production markets and is increasingly being processed for textiles in Africa. From bed linen and towels to jeans and fashionable tops, textiles are being produced with Cotton made in Africa cotton, which allows small farmers to become independent of charitable donations. We are delighted to have found a renowned partner in Dibella, who promotes small-scale farmers in Africa and the use of sustainably produced raw materials in the textile industry.” 

In 10 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, small-scale farmers are supported with modern and efficient agricultural and business training programmes in order to ensure that their cultivation is based on environmentally friendly methods. Dangerous pesticides, genetically modified seeds, the felling of primary forests and artificial irrigation are forbidden. Cotton made in Africa ensures ethical working conditions for the small-scale farmers as well as the workers in the de-seeding plants in order to enable them and their families to have a better life.

The cooperation came into being through a joint partner, Bimeco, who – as a yarn manufacturer – merges both ends of the textile chain. Alois Busshaus, yarn expert at Bimeco emphasises: “For us the promotion of sustainable development by means of building trusting collaborations is firmly anchored in the company culture. It is even nicer for us to see the fruits of this commitment – such as the co-operation between Cotton made in Africa and Dibella.”

About Cotton made in Africa

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA), an Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) initiative, has made it an aim to provide help by promoting self-help through trade in order to improve the living conditions of cotton farmers and their families in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently more than 650,000 small-scale farmers in 10 countries are participating in the CmiA initiative. Small-scale farmers receive training in efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. This helps them to improve the quality of their cotton and to achieve greater harvest yields and better incomes for themselves and their families. About 30 companies in the international textile branch use CmiA-cotton for their products. Consumers can recognise these by a small, wine-red quality label with the Cotton made in Africa imprint. www.cottonmadeinafrica.org 

About Dibella

Dibella is a competent partner in textile hiring services, providing long lasting commercial textiles in the hotel, restaurant and health industries. The service-oriented company has supplied the industry since 1986 with exclusive, professional products. Thanks to its steady growth, Dibella is now represented in international offices of the most important markets in Europe. For many years Dibella has promoted sustainable production to safeguard mankind and the environment. Its membership of many organisations is an expression of this commitment.


Bimeco has been active on the market for high quality spun industrial yarns since 1986 and is one of the leading suppliers in Europe. During this time, Bimeco has imported over 250,000 tons of yarns from Africa and Asia into Europe. Leading manufacturers in over 20 countries value Bimeco’s advisory and worldwide logistics service. The secret behind Bimeco’s success lies in the consistent company philosophy from the very beginning – to be a reliable, competent and profitable partner for its customers and suppliers. 

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