Motsi Mabuse Becomes Ambassador for Cotton made in Africa


 In the TV-show “Let’s Dance”, Motsi Mabuse has been inspiring audiences since 2007. As an ambassador of the initiative Cotton made in Africa (CmiA), the 36-year-old is now campaigning for cotton farmers in Africa. By working with the sustainability initiative, the native South African above all aims to support the women in cotton farming and give them a strong voice in public.

Born and raised in a small village in the South African province, Motsi Mabuse is today a successful professional dancer, juror of several TV formats and owner of her own dance studio. As new face of Cotton made in Africa, she wants to give something back to her home country, to which she still feels very connected: “With my commitment to Cotton made in Africa, I wish to draw attention to the strong personalities in Africa who are at the beginning of the fashion industry. To especially help the female cotton farmers build a better life for themselves through their own efforts is a matter very close to my heart. Instead of donations, Cotton made in Africa is based on the principle of helping people to help themselves and works on eye level with the cotton farmers – a great initiative, which I am thrilled to be part of!”

On the path to more independence and autonomy, women play a key role in cotton farming. Motsi Mabuse, a self-made woman with an energy and passion she normally reserves for the dance floor, wants to build on just this: “I stood on my own two legs early on in life. My mother has always been a role model for me in this regard. I would now like to be such a role model for other women. With Cotton made in Africa, I can draw attention to a very important fact: By promoting and training female cotton farmers in Africa and enabling them to have their own income, I can help improve the quality of life for the entire family. That is why I am working with CmiA to further strengthen the role of women in the society and I am already looking forward to my first trip to Africa to visit these powerful ladies.”

“Motsi Mabuse is a powerful woman who gives strong women in Africa a public voice. Together we look forward to connecting two worlds even more closely – the world of cotton farmers on one hand and the world of consumers on the other,” says a delighted Tina Stridde, Managing Director of CmiA.

Women in cotton farming play a central role for Cotton made in Africa, the biggest label for sustainable cotton from Africa. Through women’s cooperatives, CmiA supports women in the cotton-growing regions in gaining more independence, thus strengthening their role in society. In addition, the initiative supports projects intended to make women’s everyday lives easier. In trainings, village communities are sensitized to the issue of gender equality. Important measures, also in Motsi Mabuse’s eyes: “I came to Germany when I was 18 years old and greatly appreciate that I can have my own opinion, earn my own money and be independent. In Africa, where most of my family still lives, the world looks different for women. That’s why I work with CmiA so that I can help to give women in Africa the same opportunities.”

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