Visiting Laura Chaplin at Home


Laura Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin and ambassador for Cotton made in Africa, about her life, mission and her new label Smile by Laura Chaplin

Laura Chaplin is the granddaughter of the world-famous actor Charlie Chaplin. In her video home-story, she now shows why she wanted to become ambassador for Cotton made in Africa and what her brand-new label Smile by Laura Chaplin stands for.
As granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, Laura Chaplin grew up privileged in the environment of artists and celebrities such as Michael Jackson on the Chaplin estate in Vevey, Switzerland. As a young designer, she feels the urge to give back and engage herself for those who grew up under less fortunate conditions. “I really wanted to be ambassador for Cotton made in Africa, because we share the same values. We want to make the world a happier place”, explains Laura Chaplin her decision to support Cotton made in Africa and the 695,000 smallholder cotton farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa CmiA is working with.
Tina Stridde, Managing Director of Cotton made in Africa feels honored to work with her: “Laura Chaplin and Cotton made in Africa are united in their goal to improve the living and working conditions of cotton farmers and to promote nature conservation in Africa. Together, we want to spread a smile around the world – for the farmers, nature and consumers alike. Being a fashion designer, her commitment for a sustainable cotton initiative is as perfect match. With her new label “Smile by Laura Chaplin” she promotes the idea of Cotton made in Africa. Every sold textile will support the foundation and thereby benefit the people in the project areas in Africa.
For Laura Chaplin, creative art has ever since played a predominant role in her life and had a great impact on her career path as a fashion designer Her label Smile by Laura Chaplin is characterized by a positive way of life and humanity. Her designs will be interpreted in a modern and stylish way and are inspired by the beauty of Africa. “Cotton made in Africa had a great influence on my designs. With them I want to give people along the textile chain a reason to smile – from the farmer to the consumer.”

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