The Aid by Trade Foundation and its Cotton made in Africa initiative welcome feedback, questions, and complaints related to our activities from all stakeholders as this helps to continuously improve our efforts to improve the sustainability of Sub-Saharan smallholder cotton production.

Questions and Feedback

If you have general questions, we invite you to browse our website or to use our general contact form, which can be found here.
If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions about the CmiA or CmiA Organic standards, their interpretation or application, or our verification requirements, please email


If you have a concern, problem, claim, or an allegation of misconduct (perceived or actual) related to the Aid by Trade Foundation, Cotton made in Africa, or its CmiA and CmiA Organic standards, you can submit it to AbTF. We process complaints in accordance with the CmiA Complaints Procedure.

    Online Complaints Form

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