Effective, Authentic, and a Byword for Sustainability: Our Cotton made in Africa Logo Gets a Modern Look

For over 15 years, we at Cotton made in Africa have been working to build up a sustainable cotton production in Africa and to encourage the global textile industry to make greater use of this valuable raw material. During this time, we grew steadily as an initiative and intensified our engagement, gaining many partners—from internationally operating retailers and fashion brands to spinning mills and vertically integrated producers to cotton companies, cotton traders, and governmental and non-governmental organisations—and lending greater significance to the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity.

To make our growth visible to the public, we have redesigned our logo to more clearly and emphatically express what has always been close to our hearts: using trade to create valuable and measurable impact for nature protection and better working and living conditions for small-scale farmers and ginnery workers in Africa.

The heart and the African continent – as the home of our sustainable cotton, which is fashioned into millions of textile items worldwide – thus remain the core elements of our logo. However, we changed the colours and fonts to better reflect Cotton made in Africa’s distinct messaging and clear points of view.

Our colour scheme is closely tied to the origins of the cotton plant, drawing inspiration from the diverse landscape of Africa and the natural beauty of the raw material that lies at the source of the textiles that bear our logo. Our main colours are Cotton Beige, African Red, Cloud White and Soil Black. Cotton Beige as our main colour is new to our palette and connects to the core of our work, which revolves around cotton as a valuable natural resource; African Red exudes the closeness and trust with which we treat people and partners in Africa and worldwide; Cloud White emphasises the straightforward transparency we practise in our work; and the font in Soil Black creates clear contours for a sustainable future. All other colours are used for specific purposes, like a vibrant green for CmiA Organic or a brisk blue for our CmiA Carbon Neutral Initiative, which deals with CO2-neutral cotton.

All elements of our revised logo work together to communicate what has been driving Cotton made in Africa for over 15 years: sustainable development for people and nature on the African continent.

Cotton made in Africa Hangtags: More Than Just a Label

With each purchase, you can decide what kind of world you want to live in and what kinds of products you want to use. Watch out for our new CmiA hangtags and get to know which difference you can make with your purchase for the environment and the people growing and processing this valuable resource. On the back of the hangtag you can discover the values that each CmiA-labelled product embodies.

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