CmiA Partner Alliance Tanzania has a strong relationship with its cotton growing communities and is very committed to improving living conditions in the rural areas. Having constructed a Maternity Ward and provided several boreholes and water storage systems, the cotton company focused on the improvement of school infrastructure in 2018. Within less than one year, the company has built 11 new classrooms, 21 latrines and one girls dormitory for a secondary school and thereby improved learning conditions for more than 500 pupils in the region. The project was even honoured by the Tanzanian government through a visit of the annual Uhuru Torch race.

The Simiyu region in Northern Tanzania has a constantly growing young population, with almost one million inhabitants aged under 19. After the Tanzanian Government decided on free primary and secondary school education in 2015, the school enrolment rates have significantly increased. Although this is a great step towards widespread literacy within the society, the necessary school infrastructure does not yet meet the requirements of many parts of the Simiyu region, which is where CmiA Partner Alliance Tanzania is based. Long walking distances for the pupils, over-crowded classrooms and inadequate learning conditions thus remain problems that could not yet be solved.

Within the framework of the CmiA Community Cooperation Programme, Alliance Tanzania realized a project that contributed to improving the schooling situation. The objective of the project was to ensure an improved learning and teaching environment at four primary and two secondary schools and to thereby increase the overall pass rates. Alliance was very dedicated to the project and in less than one year, 11 new classrooms, 21 latrines as well as one dormitory for secondary school girls were built. In total, this created better learning conditions for more than 500 pupils in the region.

The new educational infrastructure is highly appreciated by the surrounding communities. Due to the new facilities and improved conditions, lower drop-out rates and better examination results are expected.
Even the Tanzanian Government took notice of the project and honoured it by bringing the Uhuru torch to the community as a symbol of appreciation.

CmiA congratulates Alliance Tanzania on the successfully implemented project and is looking forward to future collaborations.


[1] The Uhuru Torch (literally “Torch of Freedom”) is one of the National Symbols of Tanzania. It is a kerosene torch that symbolizes freedom and light- to symbolically shine the country and across its borders. There is an annual Uhuru Torch race which starts from different regions throughout Tanzania.

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