Cotton made in Africa nominated for the PR Image Award


It all began as an exclusive cooperation with fashion and celebrity photographer Albert Watson in Benin. Now the journey goes on: For the Aid by Trade Foundation and its Cotton made in Africa Initiative Albert Watson – one of the most famous photographers in the world – braved unknown territory to photograph African smallholder farmers and their living environment in Benin. The pictures have already been shown in the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg and just recently in the Rautenstrauch Jost Museum in Cologne. We reported. Among many other applications two of these pictures have now been shortlisted for the PR Image Award by a jury of selected journalists and PR-experts.

Consequently, we now need your support! With your vote for CmiA you support the aim to show the people who are at the heart of our initiative – the smallholder cotton farmers and their families in Subsahara Africa. For the first category click Product; for the second click Portrait. Thank you for helping to spread the message of sustainable cotton growing in the world!

If you want to get to know more about Albert Watson’s trip in Benin take a look here or get to know our Youtube-Channel.

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