Fast support for small farmers to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic


To ensure basic hygiene measures even in the remote growing regions of Cotton Made in Africa, we are currently working with our partner cotton companies to distribute soap, hand disinfectants and “tippy-taps” (water canisters as hand washing facilities). The distribution campaign is taking place in the villages of currently eight Cotton Made in Africa partner countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  The supplies, together with information material in the form of texts and pictograms that explain the risks of infection and hygiene measures, are made available to the people at central locations in the villages. A simple but important support to enable one of the basic measures to combat the COVID-19 virus by reaching out to people who often have no or no regular access to soap and water. The practical implementation is organised by the cotton companies, while the Aid by Trade Foundation initiated the action and provided the financial means. 

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