Introducing Agri Exim as a new CmiA partner


Agri Exim has approached CmiA end of 2018 during the Cotton Expert House Annual Conference in Kampala with the interest to become a partner of the Cotton made in Africa Initiative. Soon after this encounter in Uganda, the AbTF and Agri Exim kicked-off the on-boarding process, and after successful competition of the verification missions for the ginnery – conducted end of January 2019 – and on field level – carried out in September 2019 – now is the second certified partner in Uganda.

Here is a portrait of the company presented by Varun Bhassin, CEO of Agri Exim Uganda:

Agri Exim was founded in 2012 in an age when going organic & natural was still more of a luxury than a lifestyle. Our main goal – which remains true today – was to make quality ingredients more accessible to global customers, while making our credible farmers economically secure and productive. We recognized that there were so many farmers in communities who had the potential to offer high-quality products, but no way to scale or market them. We equipped them with the necessary education and the tools, so they could realize their full potential and their vision.

What started as a small attempt to assist our farmers has today grown into a thriving, rewarding operation delivering certified-organic & natural products worldwide. With a presence in over five countries and a farmer community over 17,000 strong, we still work at the ground level. We work closely with our farmers to assist them in identifying opportunities to maximize their land’s output potential and support them through the provisions of necessary guidance resources to reach their goal. We stand behind them through the entire process – from training camps to cultivation to harvest – and guarantee the purchase of their yield at a premium. Agri Exim provides a global platform for local farmers to market their product, and make sure that they get the best return for their hard work.

Our hands-on approach ensures that the entire supply chain right from cultivation all the way to packaging passes through stringent globally accredited quality standards. We are thoroughly involved and oversee every step of the manufacturing process, and our rigorous quality checks ensure that our customers get the finest local product, without any compromise.

For Agri Exim’s cotton supply chain in Uganda, our ginnery is situated in Iceme, in the north of Uganda in the district of Oyam. It was acquired in early 2018. We currently work with about 10,000 small holder farmers out of which 3,540 farmers have been certified CmiA.

Agri Exim services the sustainable food and non-food industry and thus ensures that its farmers are paid fair prices. With a strive to ensure a sustainable market for its cotton farmers, Agri Exim decided on CmiA to be its certification partner.

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