Wear a Smile with… Baluku Bayeya


With Cotton made in Africa labeled products, you can wear and share a smile without doing anything. Why? You can wear a smile, because you get a high-quality and stylish product without paying more and at the same time doing something good. You share a smile with smallholder farmers who grow the raw material for textiles and give back a smile to nature. Every Cotton made in Africa product contributes to better working and living conditions for 695,000 smallholder farmers in 9 countries in Africa. CmiA protects nature, because CmiA excludes genetically modified seeds, dangerous pesticides or the cutting down of rainforests. You can recognize the textiles by a small label with the Cotton made in Africa inscription. With each Cotton made in Africa product, you can make the world a better place – for example, for Baluku Bayeya. He is one of 695,000 smallholder cotton farmers who grows his cotton according to the Cotton made in Africa sustainability standard. Baluku is a proud father and cotton farmer from the Western part of Uganda: “I am proud to grow cotton, because cotton is the raw material for fashion all over the world. Through the training of Cotton made in Africa, I can better support my family and organize myself with other farmers in groups. I could yield more cotton since I participate in the training. This allowed me to finish my house and pay the school fees for my children. This is very important to me, because my children should learn more than I did. The training helps me to learn more about the cultivation of cotton and our nature. So I know now for example more about how I can save money and opened a bank account. I regularly attend the training because they help me getting better. As an active member of a training group, I was even appointed as a lead farmer of the group. That makes me proud. For the future, I wish that consumers around the world want to know more about where the cotton in their clothes come from.“ You want to support and create impact for Baluku and the other 695,000 farmers yourself, connect with us on www.wearasmile.org #WearaSmile with @CottonmadeinAfrica!

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