Wear a Smile with … Rosalie Dasna


One of our smallholder farmers, Rosalie DASNA, is 40 years old and from Cameroun: „The business trainings initiated by Cotton made in Africa have taught me how to plan and manage cultivation on my field. This way, I know which costs to expect and which expenses I will have. It allows me to prepare better and receive considerably higher harvest yields than before. I have also learnt how to use organic fertilisers, which have many advantages for myself and my family: we have more money available, which helps us pay the children‘s clothes and school fees, and we can even make small investments. The trainings on sustainable cultivation also have a good effect on our health, because we can eat much healthier and more balanced.“
You want to get involved and have an impact yourself? Learn more about how you can participate via www.wearasmile.org! #WearASmile with @CottonMadeInAfrica

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