Wear a Smile with…Rosalie Tawassa


By means of every single Cotton made in Africa product you support us in giving children in Africa the chance to get a school education. Cotton made in Africa protects children from dangerous child labor, initiates school projects and provides training to the farmers in order to protect children. Especially in rural Africa not self-evident. Also agricultural trainings and business tranings for the farmers have indirectly a huge impact for children. Rosalie from Cameroun is one of the CmiA farmers who speaks about the benefits she got out of the Trainings and which Impact this had for her and her children: “Because of the trainings the resulting profit allows me to pay the school fees for my children. This makes me particularly happy because my children used to live with their fathers, but they did not send them to school.”#WearaSmile with @cottonmadeinafrica. You want to support and create impact yourself, connect with us on www.wearasmile.org #WearaSmile with @CottonmadeinAfrica!

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