CmiA Aggregated Verification & Implementation Report 2022


Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) introduced a wealth of new criteria and requirements in the latest version of its standard, Cotton made in Africa Standard Volume 4. Were cotton companies able to implement the requirements laid down in CmiA Vol. 4? The 2022 Aggregated Verification & Implementation Report shows that they have been successful.

Report Confirms Successful Implementation of CmiA Standards’ Stringent Requirements

Following the extensive revision the Cotton made in Africa standard underwent in 2020, the 2022 Aggregated Verification & Implementation Report is the first report to analyse the field- and ginnery-level implementation of the latest edition of the standard, CmiA Standard Vol. 4.

In addition to offering an overview of CmiA and CmiA Organic cotton production in the 2021–2022 season, the report focusses on various projects and events through which CmiA assisted partnering cotton companies in supporting small-scale farmers and in implementing the standard’s requirements. The report’s primary focus, however, was on verification results.

Excellent results were achieved in the categories of input prefinancing, risk reduction for crop protection, and activities pursuing better working conditions.

There was also some room for improvement, as the cotton companies achieved average results in meeting their obligation to continually improve their CmiA performance. With further development, better results are possible.

The report reflected positively on the performance of measures for soil health and for soil conservation. Last year, training material was developed for farmers to optimise performance in the areas of biodiversity and water management, and trainers received instruction in improving soils through methods including compost, biochar, and bokashi.

“Our partners have already proven their reliability by fully implementing the criteria of CmiA Vol. 3.1,” says Elena Wahrenberg, the verification manager, continuing, “The latest results meet our expectations, but they also show that we can still work with our partners to make improvements.”

About Cotton made in Africa:
The Cotton made in Africa initiative (CmiA) was founded in 2005 under the umbrella of the Hamburg-based Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF). CmiA is an internationally recognised standard for sustainably produced cotton from Africa, connecting African small-scale farmers with trading companies and fashion brands throughout the global textile value chain. The initiative’s objective is to employ trade, rather than donations, to protect the environment and to improve the living conditions of around 900,000 farmers and their families. In addition to small-scale farmers, people working in ginneries also benefit from improved working conditions. Additional projects addressing schooling, health, environmental protection, and women’s empowerment contribute to better living conditions in farming communities as well. Learn more at:

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