Greater Transparency Through Our Tracking System


Global trading companies want more transparency in their value chains and are themselves assuming greater responsibility in this regard. Cotton made in Africa developed the SCOT tracking system to meet these needs. In this interview, Gerlind Bäz, a project manager for supply chain management at CmiA, explains how it works and who can use it.

Ms Bäz, what exactly is SCOT?

Throughout its history, CmiA has developed various systems to ensure a degree of transparency and data security. With most clients working under the Mass Balance system (MB), it was not always easy for us to provide a reasonable degree of transparency as well. As the years went by, retailers increasingly began letting us know that they wanted to use sustainable cotton. We developed SCOT to be able to meet their needs without abandoning the Mass Balance system.

What kind of information does SCOT track?

All partners in the textile chain are integrated into the system, which is based on CmiA ordering data and purchase orders provided to SCOT by our licensing partners, i.e. the trading companies. Building on these orders, all producers of products, fabric, or yarn record their sales and purchases in the system. Cotton quantities are recorded at each production stage, making it possible to calculate the exact amount of cotton used to fulfil each individual order.

Gerlind Bäz
Project Manager Supply Chain Management at
Cotton made in Africa

What comes next for SCOT?

At the moment, SCOT only works for the MB system. However, it could be adapted to fit other CmiA products as well. For example, our cotton can be used under the Hard Identity Preserved (HIP) system or as an organic cotton variant. We want to adapt SCOT for these purposes. To achieve this goal, we will need to collect more data about the individual production stages of a given CmiA item. We will also need more detailed documentation regarding implementation  in the CmiA supply chain, which we will secure by uploading the relevant documents. This will enable us to offer our clients secure CmiA implementation and reliable data for these content claims as well.

What are the advantages of SCOT?

SCOT is a user-friendly system that can be used all throughout the world. We provide the platform. Usage depends on dynamics and systematics, with every link in the value chain feeding its product information into the system. This will allow us to offer CmiA’s clients an unprecedented level of control over their products in all global value chains.

Who can use SCOT?

We follow a simple principle: Anyone can use the information, and everyone must enter certain data into the system. We completed SCOT in 2020 and successfully launched it in early 2021. Retailers were already closely involved in the development phase, so we assume that SCOT will see intensive use in 2021.

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