James Shikwati joins the Board of Trustees of the Aid by Trade Foundation


ames Shikwati, known for his criticism of classic development aid, is to join the Board of Trustees of the Aid by Trade Foundation.  The founder of the Kenyan Inter Region Economic Network supports the Foundation’s innovative development approach: the Aid by Trade Foundation does not transfer any financial resources to Africa but helps people to help themselves through the Cotton made in Africa initiative.

The Aid by Trade Foundation has recruited the Kenyan market economist James Shikwati to its Board of Trustees. “I support the Foundation’s initiative to offer an opportunity to African smallholder cotton farmers to connect to global markets,” he says. “I believe that those who want to help Africa should trade with the continent and support value added production there.”

Members of the Board of Trustees of the Aid by Trade Foundation include leading international figures from environmental associations, the public sector and private business. Chaired by Michael Otto, it ensures the long-term pursuit of the Foundation’s overarching aims of improving the social situation in Africa and promoting environmental protection.

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