The Aid by Trade Foundation is a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles


The Aid by Trade Foundation is a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, a multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to improve social and environmental conditions in the textile and garment sector. The Partnership has around 130 members, including companies, associations, non-governmental organisations, standards organisations, trade unions, and the German federal government. As a non-profit foundation, we take the multi-stakeholder approach seriously and would like to do our part. Our contributions to the Partnership and the progress we have made together are described in a report published on the Partnership’s website at:

The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles is working towards a socially and environmentally responsible textile and garment sector that is free of corruption, observes the rights of all workers, protects the climate and the environment, acts with integrity, and operates within planetary boundaries . The Partnership is guided by the United Nations’ foundational international agreements on human and labour rights, environmental protection, and the prevention of corruption as well as by the relevant regulations and initiatives of the EU. The Partnership sees the implementation of corporate due diligence throughout Germany, Europe, and the world as a whole as a key to achieving its objectives.

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